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Extend the life of your Diesel Particulate Filters with regular cleanings from nFLOW

September 13, 2017

When diesel fuel doesn’t combust completely, it often creates soot and/or other dangerous particulates which may be harmful to the environment. Diesel particulate filters (or DPF’s) are designed to capture virtually all of these hazardous particulates.

DPF’s are a necessary component of any diesel engine — and, when maintained properly, can effectively remove anywhere from 85-100% of your engine’s soot.

Because new DPF’s can be costly to purchase and install, it’s important to extend the life of your filter as long as you can. The easiest and most effective way of doing so is to have your DPF cleaned both thoroughly and regularly.

Negligent or forgetful owners will inevitably run into soot buildup — which is not only dangerous, but likely to cause a host of other engine problems. A clean DPF lasts longer and is more efficient at removing harmful particulates.

At nFLOW, we use an in-house, top-of-the-line FSX filter cleaning machine (specifically the FSX Complete Cleaning System, which you can read more about below). This systems allows us to clean via high-pressure air and high-temp thermal regeneration.

In simpler terms, we will quickly and completely clean your filters, making sure your diesel engine runs with minimal harmful emissions.

Because we have the equipment in-house, we’ll never have to ship your DPF or DOC to other facilities — saving you both time and money.

Need a new filter? No problem.

nFLOW is proud to offer a huge selection of replacement DPF’s for many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands, including:

For any other questions (or to request a quote), contact nFLOW at (812) 867-0060.

About FSX’s Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Equipment

FSX designs and manufactures a complete line of diesel particulate filter cleaning machinery using state-of-the-art technology.

The FSX Complete Cleaning System includes the FSX TrapTester™ Air Flow Test Bench which is calibrated specifically for precision measuring of air flows on the DPF.

It is used to record before and after cleaning air flows on customer filters to determine success or failure on cleaning the filter.

nFLOW provides its customers a report containing the before and after readings of their filter.

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