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How To/FAQ

How to get started with the Core Exchange Program?

  1. Remove engine/core from unit.
  2. Remove any external components and DO NOT SHIP with engine, such as: drive/driven clutches with drive belt, carburetors, pull rope assembly, and plastic covers.
  3. Secure engine to a shipping/skid pallet with durable ratchet or shipping straps.
  4. Contact nFLOW with shipping address information.

Need more information or a print out of the Core Exchange Program?

Download the nFLOW PDF: “How To Remove, Ship and Re-install

Have questions about remanufactured engines, engine parts, or retail items? You can view our frequently asked questions below or download our FAQs in PDF form, or contact us online or at the number above.

Frequently Asked Remanufactured Engine and Part Questions

  • Why purchase a remanufactured engine?
  • You are purchasing a reliable premium engine at an affordable price.
  • Is there a difference between rebuilt motors and remanufactured engines?
  • Although the words, “rebuilt/rebuild” and “remanufacture/remanufactured” are very interchangeable, rebuilt motors are often taken apart just to have the broken engine component or issue repaired. With a remanufactured engine, all components, parts, cylinders, and pistons are addressed to bring the engine back to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards improving the durability and performance of the engine without replacing the entire ATV, UTV or RTV.
  • Do you replace components when you assemble nFLOW engines?
  • All nFLOW engines contain premium, quality products such as new pistons, rings, rods, bearings, oil pump, cam chains, oil pump chain, valve train, gaskets and oil seals.
  • What is a core?
  • The core is your old engine.
  • Does nFLOW remanufacture transmissions?
    Yes. For units where the transmission is located inside the engine, we remanufacture the transmission during our process of remanufacturing your engine.  This cost is included in the price of the remanufactured engine.  If your unit has an external transmission, please call nFLOW at 812-402-8282 for a transmission remanufacturing quote.
  • What type of payment does nFLOW accept?
  • All major credit and/or debit cards are accepted. We will also accept a cashier’s check.
  • Can I upgrade to a larger engine?
  • No.
  • How do I know if my core is good?
  • A core is good if it does not have any broken aluminum. Please inspect your crankcases thoroughly to determine if you have a good core. The condition of the sleeves, pistons, rings, rods, bearings and oil seals is not important.
  • Do you charge when there is damage to a core?
  • Yes, there will be an additional cost for broken or abused cores.
  • What do you charge for missing parts on the core?
  • To be eligible for our exchange program, the engine we receive from you must be inclusive of all components. If the engine is already disassembled please make sure you include all engine components to avoid additional charge.
  • Do you sell internationally?
  • Yes, please email our sales team!
  • Is there a warranty for nFLOW remanufactured engines and transmissions?
  • Yes, nFLOW remanufactured engines and transmissions, components and service work / engine machining are backed with a limited warranty. Please refer to the “limited warranty” sections in the Standard Terms and Conditions page on our website for the product or service you are requiring.
  • What do I do if there is a warranty issue?
  • Do not disassemble the engine. Please contact us and we will assist you.
  • What is the best engine oil to run?
  • The manufacturer’s recommended oil is the best. Consult your unit’s user manual.
  • Where do I get a shipping skid/pallet?
  • You can purchase a shipping skid at your local shipping or hardware store.
    • Who arranges shipping?
    • nFLOW arranges all shipping logistics. All you have to do is strap your engine to a shipping skid/pallet. nFLOW will send over shipping papers via email or fax. The core will be picked up at your doorstep and our complete remanufactured crate engine will be delivered to your doorstep.
    • Shipping cost?
    • Your shipping cost varies by different products or services you are requesting and the location you want your products shipped. We ship our remanufactured engines with free shipping inside the 48 contiguous USA states. For all other products and services, including international shipping, please contact nFLOW for a quote.

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