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Looking at nFLOW’s Common Rail Capabilities

July 25, 2017

In the past few decades, we’ve seen a number of major technological shifts take place all over the world.

VHS tapes are now a thing of the past. Film cameras have moved to digital. Land lines have been replaced almost entirely by cell phones.

In the midst of these changes, companies in these respective industries have had to make important decisions about the direction of their businesses.

Diesel fuel system shops are now faced with a similar dilemma.

As common rail systems gradually replace traditional diesel fuel delivery systems, shops all across the world have a crucial decision to make: do they (a) spend a large amount of money and invest in common rail systems, or do they (b) remain focused on traditional fuel systems?

At nFLOW, we decided to tackle these major technological advances in two different ways:

  1. We continued to improve our traditional product offering through global procurement and logistic practices, improved work flow, and upgraded ERP software.
  2. We launched a major investment program to purchase state-of-the-art, computerized common rail injector testing and pump rebuilding equipment. You can read more about this equipment below.

As a result of these two initiatives, we’re now able to offer both repair and new component sales on both traditional and common rail systems — all in-house.

a green common rail injector test bench

nFLOW’s Common Rail Injector Test Bench

The Bosch EPS 205 is a small but powerful tester for both conventional and common rail injectors. The 205 is capable of a number of quick, easy, and comprehensive tests that allow us to identify injector failure (common rail injectors can be tested immediately). We save our customer time and money by doing in-house testing.

nflow common rail pump test bench

nFLOW’s Common Rail Pump Test Bench

The Bosch EPS 815 is a universal component test bench. With its robust, dependable, and flexible design, the 815 can be used to test all modern diesel high-pressure products both quickly and accurately.

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